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Even the most dependable equipment occasionally needs new parts. We carry a wide variety of parts and accessories to help extend the life of your equipment. If your local SPI does not have the part in stock, one of our specialists will order or transfer it for you.


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Converting to a Bulk Oil System has many advantages which include cost savings on the purchase of oil, handling and storage savings, and more efficient distribution to your farm.

Here are some advantages of going with Bulk Oil:

  • Reduced purchased cost of oil
  • Reduced material handling of drums and pails
  • Improved inventory control of oil
  • Reduced drum disposal problems
  • Environmentally friendlier alternative

We offer both bulk Hy-Gard™ Hydraulic/Transmission Oil and Plus 50™ II premium engine oil. In most cases, we can get the Bulk 275 gallon tanks set up at your location for no charge. When the tanks are installed they will be filled with oil. Whenever you start getting low on oil, call us and we will have a truck go fill them back up.

We also have options for oil accessories such as pumps and hose reels to create a total bulk oil package for your operation.

Contact us to check your eligibility and to get more information on how switching to bulk oil can work for you.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid

South Plains Implement has competitive pricing and availability on Diesel Exhaust Fluid along with the compatible equipment. We have many options available to provide a complete DEF solution for you.

Some of our options include:

  • 2.5 gallon jugs
  • 55 gallon barrels
  • 58 gallon portable poly tanks with pumps
  • 330 gallon poly totes stand alone or with pumps

Please ask us about bulk DEF pricing and availability.

The following is a list of information about Diesel Exhaust Fluid. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Use only high-quality DEF

The best way to ensure that you are getting high-quality DEF for your engine or equipment is to purchase DEF through South Plains Implement. When you buy DEF from John Deere, you can be confident you are getting a high-quality product that will provide max performance while protecting your engine investment.

DEF in cold weather

  • DEF begins to freeze at 12° F (-11° C).
  • It is OK for DEF to freeze in the vehicle. DEF tanks have been designed with room for expansion to allow the DEF to freeze.
  • There is no need to thaw out the DEF before starting your machine. DEF will start to thaw when the vehicle has been started. The system has been designed to use engine coolant to thaw the DEF while the engine is running. Operation is not impacted while the DEF thaws.

Physical properties of DEF

  • DEF is composed of 32.5% DEF grade urea and 67.5% demineralized water
  • DEF weighs 9.1 lbs/gal (1.1kg/L)
  • DEF should be crystal clear with a light ammonia smell. If DEF appears cloudy, has a colored tint, or has a profound ammonia smell, it should not be used.
  • DEF has corrosive properties similar to salt water.

Storage of DEF

  • DEF should be stored in sealed containers to prevent contamination, evaporation, and ammonia release.
  • Sunlight's UV rays are not harmful to DEF. Store in the shade, where possible, to avoid fluid heating from direct sunlight.
  • DEF stored in a manner similar to engine oil and coolants will have a shelf life similar to engine oil and coolants.

DEF Usage

John Deere Engine Gal/hr (Ltr/hr)
6.8L .1 .4
6.8L .2 .8
13.5L .3 1.1






We stock several sizes of netwrap for your model of round baler. Read the following information to see how CoverEdge™ is a viable option.

John Deere Coveredge™ Net Wrap

Most conventional netwraps claim to cover the full width of the bale, but in reality they leave the bale partially exposed on the edges. This uncovered crop can serve as an open avenue for rain water and ground moisture, which can penetrate into the bale and cause spoilage. John Deere CoverEdge™ goes right over the edge of the bale and snaps into place for better protection. With the elimination of shoulders, bales are perfectly shaped for better handling, transport and storage.

Netwrap covers 15% more surface area of the round bale than conventional netwraps.

Netwrap protects the edges of the bale and minimizes rain water penetration and moisture collection within the bale.

Bales store better in all weather conditions because the end of the bale "snugs" up tight to the next bale, minimizing the potential for water to "trickle" down the side of the bale.

Every roll contains the guaranteed stated length, not a "plus-or-minus" average.

Hay Twine

We have an extensive availability of twine products for all sizes of balers. South Plains Implement carries a variety of different brands, strengths, and color options to provide the twine solution for your operation. Oh, and did we forget to mention our extremely competitive pricing? Visit with your local South Plains Implement Parts Department to find out more about hay twine!

Number of bales per roll of John Deere COVEREDGE ™ TAMA TEC+™ Netwrap

JD CoverEdge™ Tama Tec+™ 51in x 12,100 ft.

Bale Model Number JD457 JD458 JD457 JD468
Bale Diameter 5 ft 6 ft
2 Wraps 5 ft 6 ft
2.5 Wraps 341 290
3 Wraps 227 193
3.5 Wraps 194 166
4 Wraps 170 145


JD CoverEdge™ Tama Tec+™ 67 in x 9,000 ft.

Bale Model Number JD557 JD558 JD567 JD568
Bale Diameter 5 ft 6 ft
2 Wraps 5 ft 6 ft
2.5 Wraps 253 215
3 Wraps 169 143
3.5 Wraps 144 123
4 Wraps 126 108


*Netwrap Used to Wrap a Bale One Turn Is 17.7 Ft for a 5ft. Diameter Bale and 20.84ft for a 6 Ft. Diameter Bale.

*Note: John Deere Recommends Adding 2 Feet per Bale When Figuring the Amount of Netwrap to Wrap a Bale Time in Order to Allow For In-Field Variables Such as Overlapping and Over-Sized Bales.

Come and visit us to see how we can provide a competitive solution for your hay operation.


Cotton Wrap

The John Deere 7760, CS690, and CP690 round module builders form cotton into round modules, and wrap it automatically in Tama RMW providing superior weather protection and transportation flexibility.

The Tama RMW™ is a special wrapping material with a unique design which was developed specifically for the 7760, CS690, and CP690. It provides durable protection which will last through tough weather conditions while maintaining the quality of cotton.

Roll Size: 24 Wrap Portions Per Roll
Wrap portion width: 160in. (2700 mm)
Wrap portion length: 69 ft. (21 meters)
Roll Weight: Appx. 220 lbs. (100kg)
Roll diameter: 10 in. (25 cm)
Rolls per pallet 9 roll per pallet. (216 wrap portions)
Core dimensions 9 ft. 2 in. (2800 mm)


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